New HP Servers with 512GB of RAM and up to 16 Cores Processor

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HP has again turned the loop with the introduction of three new teams within their servers Z Series . All of them with the latest state of technology, new models added to the catalog are the teams Z420, Z620 and Z820 that will certainly not indifferent to one, both for performance and for reliability.

For this new series, HP uses the range E5-2600 processors from Intel, which include up to 8 cores per processor. Settings, although they have entry-level equipment (like the z420) can reach very impressive settings such as the top-end Z820 . The latter team can include on-board dual-processor (thus goes up to 16 cores ) and no less than 512GB of memory . Yes, you read correctly … Gigas. To do so, “joined” together two motherboards that have no less than 16 32GB DDR3 modules each. Clearly such power is paid, and the team goes up to $ 2299

In the mid-range, the Z620 is we have (so to speak) in only 96GB of RAM with a storage capacity of 11TB , while the entry team (the Z420 ) is intended for basic server tasks, so we have to make do with 64GB of memory, 11TB of storage space, a single Xeon processor and a graphics E5 Quadro 5000. With respective prices of $ 1649 and $ 1199 . If the last game of the moment is choking your team, you know what you can find about it .


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