The Most Expected Smart Phone Applications in 2013


MindMeld application is the first video call and be able to understand the user’s conversation, then find and share the information related to the field you are talking about. With the iPad on hand, MindMeld can help you get 8 high quality calls at the same time.

Unlike other applications support call, the information here comes in many forms such as pictures, videos, articles and text can come from online. And your content will be easy to share with others simply by a sturdy hand.


Name of MatchCal will misleading that this is a natural application of calculation (Calculation). In fact it is a calendar that allows to provide information in a very easy to understand for anyone interested in the exhibition of local, national or worldwide.


Social network like interface for allows MatchCal sync with other popular calendar applications so that you can easily find the event you register under a different role. For example, the seller, the buyer, decoration, design, or even the person in charge of transport.


Swype is a 4-in-1 keyboard with the ability to learn the user’s editor. Since then, the Vietnamese documents and letters on the touch screen of mobile devices become more simple and easy, accurate and fast amazing. Users have the option of entering a character by hand, pen or just by selecting the words you want.

They will be written and read by possibility of Dragon Swyve, it allows applications to learn how drafting of the previous personal use and create a form of individual languages, becoming smarter after each is used.


iMeet is a unique iOS application that lets you make video calls special face-to-face for an important meeting when you are unable to attend. With iMeet, you will feel ready to work at any time as long as you have your iOS or Android device next.

Now, online exchanges will become more efficient with the important features from iMeet as easy to create and attend meetings, to see the other side and access as well as the introduction of any file system is stored on the cloud.

5.Unified Remote

Now, you can easily control all your PCs running Windows from Android or Windows Phone devices to the Unified Remote. Simply stated, this application knows your mobile device becomes a remote control uses Bluetooth wireless connection or allow access to any program on your computer.

Can say, Unified Remote is a multi-functional computer controlled at the present time. It’s hard to believe the application on a computer, mouse, keyboard, music program run until the external hardware devices such as USB drives are a convenient way management on your phone.

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