Dell Announced its New “Mac Pro”

Dell has unveiled its new range of professional machines in the form of Precision turn, what we might call direct competitors to the Mac Pro hardware. If there is no question here of advertising for these products, it is interesting to see what offers the PC manufacturer in this range, especially the 7600 model which has two Xeon Sandy Bridge, those that we wait desperately in new Mac Pro.

Dell Mac Pro


These towers (still ugly) can carry two Xeon processors for a total of up to 16 cores (32 son). They support 512 GB of ECC memory (of 16 connectors, 8 per CPU), have four PCI-Express 16x, USB 3.0, RAID card, hard drive slots 8 (4 in 3.5 “and 4 2.5 “). Thing to note, this RAID (0, 1, 5, 10) functions in SAS or SATA II 3Gb / s while two SATA III connectors are designed for optical drives including a standard format is SLIM, perhaps a good idea to save space on a Mac Pro tower while these devices are less used.

Rates are not reported but this machine will not be cheap at this level and the Mac Pro are not more expensive, the Xeon representing much of the price of these products.

We still greet the 3 year warranty on site included, add real value to a product for professionals.

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