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BitNami - Virtual Machines Ready for Use 1

Many are those who decide to use virtual machines in tackling development, either because it is more convenient to use to emulate customer environments, because no “guarrean” our team with IDE s and other bookstores, or because we can take our work easily.

However, there is another barrier to cross when we use a virtual machine, and is the process of installing and configuring the OS, IDE s, bookstores, and other tools that we need. A task can be tedious and some of us may laziness. That’s where BitNami , a service that we offer ready to use virtual machines and more.

From the BitNami site can access two services, a section where we offer Cloud Computing with AWS, which can be very interesting and also includes a free plan for developers, and another section with virtual machines ready for technology stack concrete, for example development in Java or PHP , etc..

In the latter, which is what interests us now, we find a variety of virtual machines to VMware . Since web servers with Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, MAMP , LAMP , etc. to eLearning with Moodle, to version control systems, analysis, continuous integration, database, etc.. Just have to download and run VMware player, VMware Fusion on Mac, to get started.

We also offer the possibility to have the same services but these virtual machines as an installable package for use on our systems, as this is done as a sandbox and not so dirty as done by hand. If you are not going to use one of these stacks, just have to uninstall a couple of clicks.

However, the most interesting option is still the Cloud Computing as a fairly low price we will have a virtual machine ready for use, the services we need installed and can be administered or disposed of in a simple, scheduled backups, etc. and everything in the cloud.

If we are independent developers or small group not too demanding, we opt for build our software ecosystem with multiple virtual machines. Even if we have our tools are centralized and a larger group, the choice of cloud computing can be more interesting, and by having a free plan.

Official Website : BitNami


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