Antique Typewriters as Computer Keyboards

antique typewriters as computer keyboards -1

USB typewriter (Picture: Jack Zylkin)

Old typewriters do not only as an exhibit idea, but can also keyboards for PCs, Macs and iPads be transformed. The inventor Jack Zylkin offers typewriters also rebuilt ready.

The hobbyist Jack Zylkin transforms mechanical typewriters with the help of electronics and mechanics in additional keyboards with a USB port. The type of handle additionally close contacts. These circuits can be analyzed as a conventional keyboard of an electronic system and implemented in letters, which are then passed iPad via USB or via an adapter also on the Apple.

The USB typewriters can provide all letters, numbers and punctuation marks that are required to operate the computer. Even the space, shift and control keys are operable. When emulating the function keys and ESC and similar to typewriters lack of input options Zylkin relies on a special shift key.

The typewriter can still write on paper clamped – the conversion ensures only that the entries can be recorded electronically.

antique typewriters as computer keyboards -2

USB typewriter with iPad (Photo: Jack Zylkin)

antique typewriters as computer keyboards -3

USB typewriter (Picture: Jack Zylkin)

Prices on the Web site Etsy range 540-650 €. Is also a kit for their own reconstruction of the favorite typewriter with detailed instructions for around 60 euros.


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