First AmigaOne X1000 Systems Delivered (Video)

First AmigaOne X1000 Systems Delivered (Video)

The first of the Pre AmigaOne X1000 in the limited-edition first-contact have received their Tower. Thus, the Amiga ‘s successor a few weeks later.

The first developed from A-Eon AmigaOne X1000 (X1000-A1) have been delivered, as both members of the Amiga world community and Hyperion Entertainment confirmed .These are the first finished systems. Previously, the X1000 was delivered only as part of a beta program.

The First Edition-contact was only in small numbers for preorder and is now sold out .It is a 2,000-euro tower with a Power-PC processor on the motherboard, the two cores are clocked with 2 GHz. The operating system is installed AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5th The update to version 4.2, but should be submitted free of charge. Details of the system are a given in older articles . Initially, the systems should be delivered as early as the year round. In fact, the first systems were, however, until the end of January 2012 on track.


According to users of Amiga World, which are in contact with the A-Eon chief Trevor Dickinson, there should be a second production. Information, but should only be issued when the time comes.

In mid-2012 is also the first netbook AmigaOne planned. The hardware should also be ready. However, the work of the drivers are not yet finalized.


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