5 Reasons why companies should bet on open software

What can open source solutions offer companies that conventional applications can not?

From the telephone company to the fashion start-up – almost every business today needs a good and reliable IT infrastructure that is tailored to their needs and is scalable as the business evolves. But good,   secure and easy-to-use IT solutions are rare and often expensive.

Open Source Software

Often one is bound to certain manufacturers during operation. This is a problem especially for start-ups with innovative, unconventional business ideas. You do not need standard systems, you need individual solutions.

This is precisely why the Bremen-based company Univention GmbH has developed Univention Corporate Server (UCS) – an open-source solution for the operation and management of servers and the entire IT infrastructure in companies. The idea behind it: Instead of using expensive, conventional offers, companies can tailor the technology to their individual needs. UCS can either be operated via its own server or integrated via cloud services into its own IT and managed centrally.

That sounds like a lot of work and security holes? Exactly the opposite is the case! An open-source server management brings many advantages especially for companies and especially for start-ups.

1. Uncomplicated operation

Anyone who thinks of complicated, incomprehensible applications in open source is mistaken. Open source systems such as UCS have been created specifically for ease of use. It starts with the commissioning. UCS can be operated on its own hardware, in public clouds such as the Amazon Market Place or in the data center of a service provider.

In addition, nobody has to do without their usual applications, even if they are not open source. Not only can all applications and applications be connected via the open source system, but also various operating systems such as Microsoft, Mac OS X and Linux environments can be managed in parallel.

And yes, also the operation is very easy. The management system  of UCS is very intuitive and easy to control. All processes are clearly displayed and all resources, users and their rights are served via a web interface.

2. More security, more control

You want to be independent of manufacturers? That’s exactly what an open source solution offers. It not only means more freedom and more transparency, but also more security and economy.

The central management system at UCS ensures greater security of the IT infrastructure itself. Only authorized users can access data and systems. This also applies to cloud-based applications. And if an employee leaves the company, all access rights can be revoked with just one click.

A combination of self-hosted server and public cloud services can also be operated with UCS. Companies can decide for themselves which data should be publicly available and which they would rather save on their own server.

3. Unlimited scalability

Especially start-ups need dynamic solutions. After all, it is quite possible that today they start with four employees at one location and employ 50 people in ten countries in one year.

That’s why UCS offers scalable IT. These range from one-man operation in the home office to 30 million users worldwide. Depending on your needs, servers and applications can be supplemented and also provided for different branches or for the home office.

4. Individual solutions for individual company wishes

The good thing about open source solutions is that there is no business desire that is too individual for them.

Example SchwuZ, a Berlin cultural center with a large-scale club in Neukölln. To manage all the applications, one employee had to go back and forth between two different IT islands that could not even be managed centrally. SchwuZ was looking for a simple, central open-source solution – and found it in UCS ..

The employees of the energy service provider Solarkiosk AG, in turn, work from many different countries regardless of location. A flexible, secure and above all collaborative server was needed. On the basis of UCS, bitpack.io, a Berlin system house, developed an individualized virtual server system for Solarkiosk.

5. From free support to professional support

This also shows that open source does not mean that you are on your own in the operation of IT. For example, Univention offers two options for   UCS. If you have the necessary know-how, you can install and operate UCS as a free Core Edition yourself. If you want to be more comfortable or do not have the necessary IT knowledge, you can simply   choose one of the various maintenance packages and get support directly from Univention or one of its system house partners. The packages are available in the subscription model as base, standard and premium version. In addition to the installation, they also include:

  • free help and support via the user forum
  • professional telephone and mail support
  • Software maintenance and regular updates and major releases
  • product liability
  • Individual project consulting and support

Conclusion: Own open source server systems such as UCS are ideal for companies that want personalized service, secure technology, and straightforward applications.


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