4G Could use the Frequency Band 1800 MHz

4G Could use the Frequency Band 1800 MHz 1

According Media , ARCEP began studying the possibility of using the frequency bands around 1800 MHz is currently used for 2G to get to 4G. 

Free could be the first to take advantage of the opportunity knowing that the operator has been the poor relation of attributution 4G frequencies. Remains a problem. All frequency ranges 4G already belong to three incumbents who have no legal obligation to yield to Free. Although competition and helping with the near Orange Free could encourage these operators to sell some to Free, but they will certainly want a lot of money to compensate for losses and loss of profits that they caused. 

ARCEP may also play a role of arbitrator and force these operators to give up some of these bands to Free at reasonable rates but this would involve years of proceedings.

In any case the possibility of using the 1800 MHz band should help a fast déploiment of 4G as the antennas using these frequencies are already in place it will “only” change the electronics placed behind to start the 4G which is much easier today than trying to install new relay in a saturated environment and become hostile. 


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