Xbox Console Management is now Possible with a Smartphone

Xbox 360 -The New Dashboard is Available in Beta

Microsoft announced at E3 in Los Angeles, a service called Xbox SmartGlass, which turns the PC, tablets, smart phones and other devices in control panels for the Xbox 360.

As noted by the representatives of the software giant, Xbox SmartGlass will be used to synchronize data between devices in the role of a counterpart AirPlay service from Apple.For example, if the user started to watch a movie on the tablet, then continue watching it on TV he can. In addition, the tablet or smartphone can play the role of “second screen”, which will display additional information about the movie or game (for example, the scheme of development of the storyline, or inventory).

It also allows you to manage new Internet Explorer browser on the Xbox. As we know from the available data, support for Xbox SmartGlass will have a Tablet PC based on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Smartphone devices running OS iOS (players, iPod Touch, smartphones and tablets iPad iPhone). In the a list of also includes device on the OS Android. The first version of the service SmartGlass begin work at the end of this year.

At E3, Microsoft did not fail to note that the Xbox 360 video game console has become the most sold worldwide. Its first version was introduced in 2005.


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