The Wimbledon in 3D

The Wimbledon in 3D 1

The most famous tennis tournament in all dimensions for the first time in a 3D TV broadcast by Nova. The Nova introduced the Greek public in three-dimensional broadcast television content since last November and consistently supports this strategic choice. 

Continuing to give athletic, and movie content in 3D, the NOVA tries to ‘transfer’ subscribers to the “heart” of the most famous tennis tournament, Wimbledon through the exclusive, live 3D broadcasts. The top names in world tennis compete the largest and oldest organization of sport and the Nova for the first time on Greek TV, will show the “battles” of the league in three-dimensional transmission.

The depth of field that offers a 3D viewing experience will enable everyone to see and to live “with other eye, “the evolution of the games. From 4 to July 8 subscribers will feel they are … in the stands to watch the Men quarterfinals, semifinals and Women Men and of course the big end-Men and Women. The 126th Wimbledon curtain opens on Monday 25/6 and Nova takes you to … “grass” with direct connections from various fields: 

• From Novasports 1 & Novasports HD and the Novasports 3 from 15.00 until the end of the competition and 

• From Novasports 4 from 13.30 until the end of the competition . Of 2/7 until the end of the race track in top quality audio and video from an Novasports Novasports & HD: 

• 2/7 – Round of 16 at 15.00

 • 3/7 – Women in Games Quarterfinals 15.00 

• four / 7 – Quarterfinals Games Men at 15.00 

• 5/7 – Semifinals Women’s Games in 15.00 • 6/7 – Men’s Semifinal Games in 15.00 

• 7/7 – Women’s Games Finals at 16.00Finals Men’s Doubles Women’s Doubles & Final 

• 8/7 – Final Men at 16.00 Double End Mixed On 25/6 to the end of the tournament on 8/8, daily at 23.30 from Novasports 1 & Novasports HD, highlighting the best moments of the games. 

Experience the ultimate TV experience at Nova. The Novac Djokovic, the Rafael Nadal, the Roger Federer, the Petra Kvitova, the Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova is also Lena Daniilidou and Marcos Baghdatis invite you to watch the exciting matches of Wimbledon through a Nova TV experience … many dimensions (SD, HD, 3D)!


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