Resident Evil 6: Tips that will Greatly Increase Your Score

While some players have ended the campaigns of Resident Evil 6 , others revel in the popular Mercenaries mode. For you who want to send well in game mode, the Revoseek prepared some tips that, although simple, will greatly increase your score.Resident Evil 6: Tips that will Greatly Increase Your Score 1

Helena and Leon in Resident Evil 6 (Reuters)

Before leaving around killing zombies, browse the whole scenario behind longer. The time is represented by this edition bonus crystals, which must be broken so that the seconds are credited. The higher the phase duration, the better its performance, since it will be possible to settle a greater number of enemies.

Resident Evil 6: Tips that will Greatly Increase Your Score 2

Helena in Resident Evil 6 (Reuters)

Body Combat

Another way to extend the game is to eliminate enemies in a melee. For this to occur more quickly advised that the player before the zombie shoot, lowering his resistance, to allow it to run with just one stroke of completion. For each death, completed by a coup the player wins five seconds.


With the same aim as the previous tip, but with twice the bonus, players can abuse the counter-attacks to gain more time. For each death executed this way the character guarantees another 10 seconds, which in general has enough influence in the running of the game. The important thing is how the attack works not to compromise the campaign trying to kill all the enemies in this way.

Resident Evil 6: Tips that will Greatly Increase Your Score 3

Jake in Resident Evil 6


Meet the characters is a determining factor for those who want to go far in the way. Each has different inventory, what makes it special to certain situations. The rapid-fire weapons can work very well account simple enemies, but the caliber cause most damage in special creatures.See what works best for your playing style.


Enemies come in waves schemes. The longer the match, the greater the amount of creatures to face. Beings vary between size and strength, so know the right way to attack each type. Avoid direct contact against bosses and special creatures, keeping distance whenever possible and using grenades and heavy weapons.

The tips are extremely simple, but very functional. The game features characters, clothes and other bonuses for the mode according to the score achieved. Be objective and follow the instructions to liquidate an unimaginable number of enemies.

And you have to have some other secret well Mercenaries mode? Leave in the comments.


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