First Poster of “Frankenweenie” – The Upcoming Movie of “Tim Burton”

Poster of Frankenweenie - The Upcoming Movie of Tim BurtonFrom the director of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ … and the remake of ‘Planet of the Apes!

Following the launch of a couple of official images , has now appeared online the first poster‘Frankenweenie’ , the “new” one of your favorite filmmakers, visionary, and highly original genius Tim Burton . Distributed by Disney, film, black and white art and animated with stop-motion , hit theaters in October, 2D and 3D . Honestly, I much more interested in other work with which he has been busy Burton, the film version of ‘Dark Shadows’ , which opens in May. What about you?

In ‘Frankenweenie’ , little Victor holds a great scientific experiment to restore life to his beloved dog Sparky, recently hit, the child achieves his goal and tries to hide his creation to the world, but Sparky escapes and Victor will face unexpected monstrous consequences.

As you know, this is a short feature film adaptation of Burton’s namesake, made in 1984. The film‘Frankenweenie’ has a script by John August (Big Fish ‘,’ Corpse Bride ‘) and the voices of Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron and Conchata Ferrell . Too bad that here we have the habit of bending all our language …

It seems strange not to find Johnny Depp in the cast, right? We find a very funny video making fun of this collaboration:


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