The God of War is Coming to iOS Devices?

The God of War on iOS Devices
Gradually, as you might expect since the mobile gaming becomes more popular there are many manufacturing companies want to make mobile versions of their games.
According to information from inside the company who developed the popular series God of War for PSP is preparing a version corresponding to the PS Vita and devices for Apple.
Of course the company thus wants to exploit the huge audience of fans of Apple.
Apart from this company seems more and more game companies want to transfer their titles to Apple devices but also in Android. 
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1 thought on “The God of War is Coming to iOS Devices?”

  1. It will indeed come to the ps vita, but not a remastered edition, but just the new GoW 4. et’s see what happens this week, since Playstation has posted a teasing on its wall, that reads “will vengeance bring redemption”, wednesday 19 is the date.


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