FIFA Changes Rules, Effective from 1 July this Year

FIFA Changes Rules-Effective from 1 July this Year

In football, can increase the number of substitutions, correct offside rule, and introduce new technologies to determine disputes. If all of these innovations are adopted, they may come into effect this summer – during the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

Game million may not withstand the pressure of new trends and technologies. At a meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which will be held in early March at the home of the world’s most popular sport, can take almost revolutionary solutions.

For example, in youth football at the stages of the playoffs can cancel the extra-time. Then the penalty shoot-out will break immediately after normal playing time. Adult football such a drastic change is not threatened.Instead, the teams may allow additional time to make a fourth replacement.

By the way, the replacement players during the match became available only in the 60s of last century. Then substitute player can enter a place of injured teammate. Familiar three replacement without limitation allowed only in the late 90s, and they became one of the major tactical coaching trumps.

Another important point, which will consider the international board – repeal of the “triple punishment” when the scoring attack for the failure of a penalty was administered, and the offending player a red card and was punished by disqualification. Under the new rules, such a severe punishment awaits only the players deliberately played a hand inside his own penalty, making it difficult to score a goal, or not being able to play the ball against an opponent who played rough.

Consider at a meeting of the Board and determine whether a goal, “Asia Cup. More recently opposed the technological innovations in football, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, after the scandals at the World Cup 2010 is now insisting on the implementation of such a system.

An alternative would be to increase its number of arbitrators, serving game. Supporter of this development and the enemy of electronic methods of recording heads is the President of UEFA Michel Platini.

By the way, in many respects from the representatives of European football, to be exact, from the representatives of the UK depends on whether there will be innovations in football. The Board IFAB – the only organization with the authority to make changes to football rules, composed of national associations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, having one vote. Another four – at FIFA. For the implementation of innovations in life must be approved by six of the eight board members.

Usually, in case the changes will take effect from 1 July this year, but this time they can apply for a month before – at the European Championships to be held in Poland and Ukraine.


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