Djokovic Won an Epic Battle and Play the Final Against Nadal in Australia

Djokovic Won an Epic Battle and Play the Final Against Nadal in Australia

After the “battle of the legends” that Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer on Thursday night ,Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray had his. And if there was “legend” is because the scrolls can not be compared to Scottish rival those of today or the Spanish and Swiss. But there would be epic, and would merit of both protagonists. 

Djokovic, the defending champion, lived up to his status as favorite with a first set that dominated his opponent. Interestingly, he did more robust when the service was in the hands of Murray, who sold it in the fourth and sixth games, allowing a difference of 5-2 that left him almost no chance of fighting the set. Previously the service had taken Djokovic in the fifth game, but succumbed to the accuracy timely No. 1 in key moments.Not too bright, the Serb won the set 6-3.

The second set was changing and the trend for instability in services. seemed to escape by breaking Djokovic in the first game and keep his serve (2-0), but then became combative Murray. He tried a resistor from the bottom of the court that won him extra points in the style-Nadal, moving ahead by 4-2. The Rod Laver Arena raised the tension and stood for the first time. He had left.

Djokovic produced another break to get a shot to match the account with your service, but Murray responded with another break . Then served to define the part despite being 15-40traced the situation to put the final 6-3 to a set which broke five times in nine games. With nearly two exhausting hours of play, the game started again .

The third set started with the roles reversed: now the one who resisted was Djokovic.barely kept his service in the opening game, with two “Hawkeye” keys in his favor: a millimeter and a more broad-struck that no judge saw the Murray-bad ball, but both at a time when it was break point against.

Murray had more chances in the third game and this time they could realize the break, but Djokovic immediately responded. At this point, it seemed clear that he could reverse the trend to give the service would get get on with the game. But both did at the same time, what has come to an end even.

Djokovic had three set points at 5-4, with Murray’s serve, but he responded with strength and precision to escape the bad time. Thus, gained strength and won a decisive break that seemed to be 6-5. But once again the No. 1 answered in kind to force the tiebreaker.

There, the domain was Murray, who was ahead 3-1 and then 6-3 first, leaving a shot to define this part with their service. Finally did it 7-4. was to play the final set against Nadal .

But then came the personality champion Djokovic, who gave a lesson in character to get ahead 4-0 in the fourth quarter, during which time Murray was able to win just four points. Thus, atypical for the September 1 before the meeting process, Serbia forced the fifth set with a surprisingly comfortable 6-1 .

The decider started with the same trend of the room. Although Murray held out for two services themselves, Djokovic managed to break in the sixth game and keep his serve, which was 5-2 up. Murray maintained a pulse and put pressure on Djokovic did when he helped to win the game. And I broke in 0! Then, served solidly and made ??things 5-5. The drama reached its peak.

Djokovic seemed to accuse the coup and started the next game 15-40, but won two points very tough to match finished 40-40 and beating their breasts to the madness of the stadium. That is the picture that will remain in the memory. Shortly after he took an air ball to set the game ahead and make things 6-5.

In the last game, mental domination was complete.  After more than four hours of epic battle, Djokovic smelled the chance to settle the situation and put pressure on Murray, who missed two shots near the lines and could not withstand the pressure: after 4 hours and 50 minutes, Djokovic 7-5 and defined became the second finalist of the 2012 Australia Open.

There he expects Rafael Nadal, who has a disadvantage before (13 victories and 16 defeats) in total confrontation. But Serbia has a slight predominance of 2-1 in Grand Slam finals.


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