Diablo III for Mac, Try it This Weekend with Public Beta

Diablo III Counting the days until 15 May for the release of Diablo III ? Then I love the fact that this weekend you can try a bite of the anticipated video game from Blizzard with an open beta will last from tonight at 21:00  to Monday 23 April at 19:00. To do this you need only download the client Diablo III for Mac (available in English, French and German) from your account to Battle.net (or create one if you do not have it) and define a BattleTag, the new system of identification and communication known online service.

The open beta we can play with each of the five classes to level 13 heroic massacred while the hours of demonic creatures who dare stand in your way or our group of friends. What will the time out of reach of forums, the auction house based in real money, and the achievement for killing the Skeleton King. Time to time.

The game will go on sale next month for Windows and Mac, but one of those wonderful (note the irony) decisions with reasons beyond our simple minds of the followers of the apple have to settle for practice our English.


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