For passionate players it would be a sigh of relief  to know how to claim their Iron Gjallarhorn or Iron Gjallarwing, Bungie just updated the official site to get all about launcher;

  • Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher

“Qualifying players will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn from the Postmaster when first signing in after Destiny: Rise of Iron is available. The Iron Gjallarhorn may be equipped after completing the Quest “Beauty in Destruction”, which is granted through the “Echoes of the Past” Questline.”

  • Iron Gjallarwing Legendary Sparrow

“Qualifying players will receive the Iron Gjallarwing Legendary Sparrow from the Postmaster when first signing in after Destiny: Rise of Iron is available.”

destiny rise of iron

Bungie has also sent a message to players via their Twitter account;

Just before the release of Destiny’s newest gameplay, Rise of Iron, Bungie servers are struggling to be alive as these are overloaded due to the rush of players and as a result multiple players are unable to log in and play.

The Bungie Help Twitter account also addressed this issue and has issued a sign in queue to cope with highest rate of players rushing to their site to play  Destiny “Rise of Iron” ;

Just keep in touch with Revoseek to get latest updates and info about Destiny “Rise of Iron”.


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