A Cradle of U.S. $ 23000 for the Daughter of Beyonce

A Cradle of U.S. Dollar 23000 for the Daughter of Beyonce

The ultimate treat for Beyonce’s little daughter was a crib worth more than $ 23 000 . The jewel is the most luxurious firm dedicated to children’s furniture and it is a chariot made of white cedar with faux leather details. has a built-changer in the rear.

Posh Tots is fima has been charged with this crib. The company is famous for making dreams come true for younger children, as has a large catalog of structures inspired by houses, mansions, palaces and castles. can be part of the bed or may contain slides for children to play.

The articles in this brand can reach 60 thousand dollars and are crafted from the finest materials.


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