Why YouTube Hide These 5 Useful Features ?

Why YouTube Hide These 5 Useful FeaturesYouTube has added many useful improvements, but these are hidden features that few users realize. I Do not know Why YouTube Hide These 5 Useful Features?

Cut the video on YouTube

Share videos with friends is one of many operations done on YouTube. But sometimes you just want to share a portion of the video. How do I?

When video is running, right-click on the point you want to cut and choose “Copy video URL at current time”, so that you copy the URL of the video was cut. When another person opens this URL, the video will start running from the right-click your.

Search original video

Search for music on YouTube sometimes makes you angry because so many people upload their own video shown by the names of singers and musicians or celebrities.To find the original video of the singer or group performance, look at youtube.com / disco . However, this feature only works with songs in foreign languages (English, French) without giving the results of Vietnamese songs.

Editing easier

If you record a video segment vertically but horizontally like to share or vice versa, visit the address youtube.com / editor . Here, the user can edit (including AC) or the video has uploaded a new video.

Personal storage

Save YouTube video list that they think you love. When you log in YouTube account (Google account), YouTube will display a list of video based on video list that you see or share the most (eg social networking).

View video from remote

Access YouTube from Youtube.com/leanback, you will see the video in zoom mode with black background and white text with large font sizes. Can also search with virtual keyboard if you are filled with a remote-click video to view.


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