Uvex G. GL 9 Ready Recon: Multimedia Goggles

Uvex G dot GL 9 Ready Recon- Multimedia GogglesG. GL Recon Module 9 is a high-tech goggles, which has an integrated mini-screen. The color screen provides the athlete when scanning with all sorts of useful information. The glasses are even compatible with smartphones.

New multimedia toys: The Uvex ski goggles G. GL Recon Module 9 has an integrated color display with various display options. The functionality is module dependent, with the more expensive module MOD Recon Recon Live over the simple MOD has advantages. Both electronic information in real time over the distance traveled and altitude, jump distance and height, current velocity, temperature and time. A position determination is possible. An interactive online portal enables the sharing and exchange of data gathered with friends and the Internet community.

More Features..
More FeaturesThe Recon MOD Live enables a GPS navigation with detailed area maps and displays the live view of a helmet camera. The “Buddy Tracking” feature determines the location of friends on the slopes, which are also equipped with the Uvex Recon System. The glasses can display Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphones use to represent calls and text messages or to display playlists and titles of built-in MP3 players. The G.GL-9-glasses without electronics is currently (10/12/2011) for 139 , 95 € in silver, black and green. The Recon MOD costs an additional € 239.99, 359.99 € Live the Recon mod.


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