Upcoming World’s Smallest HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer)

IdeaCenter Q910 is equipped with an HDMI port with export quality 1080p video with 7.1 surround sound. Machine that supports USB 3.0 ports and a 6-in-1 memory card reader. In addition, the manufacturer also allows integrated optical drive standard or 3D Blu-ray products.

Upcoming World's Smallest HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) 1

Lenovo’s new HTPC sale price is $ 349. Photo: Cnet.

Lenovo’s new HTPC running on the operating system Windows 8 Pro with Intel Core i3 processor and RAM 8 GB third generation. Use the maximum hard drive capacity 1 TB with 24 GB SSD cache.

IdeaCenter Q910 is equipped with graphics chip Intel HD 3000 Graphics. TheoCnet, this product comes with a wireless keyboard integrated trackball to control user convenience.

According reviews, Lenovo IdeaCenter the Q910 will be on sale in January next year for $ 349 USD (about 7.27 million).

HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) or MPC (Multimedia Personal Computer) is a computer line was developed in a particular direction in order to meet the entertainment needs.
Point to note is that, although the design can replace some equipment bulky household entertainment in the living room but the HTPC is just one component in a home entertainment system. Basically, the main HTPC act as the source, you need to interface to display and set of speakers for a complete entertainment system.


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