Turn Apple Devices into Remote Controls

Turn Apple Devices into Remote Controls 1

We know the iPhone as a multi-functional mobile device that allows users to make calls, view maps, music, …

However, make sure you’ll not be surprised to know that this smart phone can also take on the function of a TV remote controller.

Turn Apple Devices into Remote Controls 2

All thanks to the external device ST-URB1 provided by Satechi manufacturers. By directly plugged into the 3.5 mm socket accessories of iPhone and launch applications RemoteBean can be download with the link at the end of article.   Right away you have in hand a remote control for TV , music player and cable box.

Turn Apple Devices into Remote Controls 3

Not only the iPhone, Apple’s latest devices like the iPad and iPad mini will work well with this application. Satechi which is known to be a senior partner specializing in the development of accessories for Apple products such as chargers, speakers, …

Turn Apple Devices into Remote Controls 4

Before the launch of ST-URB1, the company has also launched accessories to help turn Apple devices into a laser pointer. Now, the latest remote control are now being sold on the website of Satechi the price is $ 25.

Download RemoteBean:

RemoteBean - Eternal Electronics Limited


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