The “Anonymous Heroes” Behind the Success of Google

Heroes of GoogleReferring to Google, many people will think of the Three co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, the three leaders have helped Google become “giants”. But behind that success, while the “anonymous heroes” but not everyone knows. 

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Salar Kamangar – One of the “silent heroes” The most important Google
Salar KamangarKamangar is one of the characters contribute most of the growth of Google. He himself helped build Google AdWords advertising service, then assist ECD in Google Docs office suite, and then helped develop Google video service Youtube.
Lars Bak – “Hero” for Chrome to become “super speed”

Lars Bak

Although no longer working at Google, the company still recorded Lars Bak was the most important contributors in the development of the browser Google Chrome . The computer science this Danish group has a set of Google programmers at his ranch, to jointly focus and speed development of Web browser Chrome .
Heather Adkins – “heroine” young Google protects against hacker attacks
Heather Adkins
When Google put on to lead the security group, only 25 years old Heather Adkins, a very young age to the leaders. But talent has helped Adkins became “one of the veteran soldiers” in Silicon Valley. Now, Adkins has left Google and start new projects.


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