Syria Defaces Anonymous Cluster`s Website “AnonPlus”

Syria Defaces Anonymous Cluster`s Website AnonPlusIn retaliation for hacking Anonymous’ of the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defense, a group of Syrian hacking speculated to be known as the “Army e-Syrian” hit back to Anonymous. How, you ask? Anonymous disfigured “pet project, the AnonPlus social network, by replacing the page with the message at the top, along with grotesque pictures of burned and mutilated bodies. Hackear original anonymous” was said to be in support demonstrators in Syria and left a message of encouragement to the Syrian army to revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, instead of supporting the repression of the protests. The counter-hack Syria blamed the current violence is shown in the photos grotesque Syrian protesters instead.

The origin of the hackers is not mentioned on the website defaced. The attribution of this hack to address the Syrian army from a a tweet from Citizen Lab, and the ocean are a recognized  organization, public hacking, surprisingly as anonymous in their press and media. They even have a small degree of anonymity that flavor to your message, indicating that.

In response to your hacking to the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defence, the Syrian people have decided to purify the internet of [y]our pathetic website

This is not the primary time that has occurred within the fight against hackers. Anonymous member LulzSec attracted the ire of the many smaller teams determined to find and disclose info concerning members. The distinction is that they were typically smaller (usually in relation to members, actually with regard to the presence of the media) which they typically operate behind the scenes info leak . this can be the primary time we’ve extremely seen any risk that 2 comparatively high profile to start out throwing mud teams to every alternative in public. To start, shows that, despite their aggression, Anonymous has not been enjoying excellent defense.

These 2 teams clearly have huge egos on them, or are over cyber-vandalism and ideals are basically contradictory. feels like it may well be a conflict of interest in our hands. whether or not anonymous and also the ocean to try to to something, however merely to harass and insult others to be seen, however this look of a gaggle of hackers, apparently primarily based not slot in the lulz and doesn’t appear to share the common ideal of the other “total and absolute freedom of knowledge for all” may utterly amendment the landscape of hacking.



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