The Status of the Touch Screen Industry

holographic touch screen on your palm

Multi-point touch application demands projected capacitive touch panel technology into both film (film type) and-glass (glass type). Apple camp glass projected capacitive (glass type), rather than The Apple camp by the film projected capacitive (film type PET) based.

To effectively reduce the touch module cost, light and thin market trends to meet the the terminal consumer electronics products at the same time, nearly two years touch industry by actively layout development the OGS, embedded touch or GF thin-film technology. OGS technology is integrated the ITO glass and the protective glass as a glass can reduce not only the piece of glass but also saves a bonding process and achieve a thickness of 0.4 mm compared to the two G / G product thinning. Estimated to cost savings is of about 50%.

Relative to the active plug-professional touch module factory layout OGS technology, TFT. AMOLED panel makers tend to develop embedded technologies (In Cell Touch), directly to the sensor do the display which can be broadly divided into In-cell On-cell technology. 

The embedded touch advantage of the savings a glass and a lamination process but due to the relatively high barriers to entry into the embedded technology panel plant must have LTPS technology and process yield is still low and  short-term plug-touch panel. 

However, embedded technology in Apple even behind the recent technology and the work of Japanese and Korean companies. For example the Samsung AMOLED with On-cell touch technology applications products  that will be launched this year, the embedded touch the market outlook is still not small watch for.


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