New Sense of Input with Glass Keyboard and Mouse

A transparent glass keypad including a mouse wants to build Jason Giddings, if he can collect enough money from kickstarter on the financing platform. The inventor of Oregon requires $ 50,000 in order to implement his idea.

New Sense of Input with Glass Keyboard and Mouse -Keyborad

Moving parts are not there more to this concept. During the operation will be no tactile feedback. Whether he hit a button, the user can only control on the screen. Through the tempered glass surface the user’s fingers from the base of the mouse and the keyboard can be observed.

New Sense of Input with Glass Keyboard and Mouse -mouse

Edge of the glass infrared LEDs are placed the sending its light through the glass. A finger is placed on the glass surface, the reflected light is no longer in the direction of the camera, which can thus detect the position. Wants to use the effect that Giddings is in physics as a total reflection known. The contact prevented the total reflection . The software to detect the finger Giddings wants to publish as open source project.

High price and lack of tactile feedback

With just under 400 U.S. dollars plus shipping, the mouse-keyboard combination is quite expensive though. For the mouse requires Giddings $ 150 for the keyboard and $ 250. The connection to the PC via radio, the batteries in the devices to be recharged via USB when needed.

So far is to kick start is not even a tenth of the sum of $ 50,000 came together, which is needed for the realization, but there is still over a month.


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