The “Secret Apple” no Longer Exists

For over a year now, Apple is having great difficulty in keeping control over advertisements for its new products. Intrigued by these internal changes, ArsTechnica has conducted an investigation …

The "Secret Apple" no Longer Exists 1

Five years ago, the “secret Apple” was still legendary, this little “one more thing” totally unexpected that these ads were the delight of fans and journalists. We have seen during the last Apple keynote, these surprise announcements are now history. Before the announcement of the iPhone 5 the entire web knew what would and what’s new smartphone incorporate it. And that is exactly the same pattern should recur tonight with the iPad Mini.

The security measures are designed to prevent Apple leaks of information within the company, but all these leaks come from China  , “said an employee of the apple Arstechnica. Plants and facilities of Foxconn employ tens of thousands of people in Asia. People who have no direct relationship with Apple and are very difficult to control. ”  

I think the secret to Apple no longer exists  , “continues the same employee, supported by one of his colleagues who believes that”  the Chinese do not have the same level of security that we, and it shows . 

The biggest difference between the U.S. and China? These courses aim to develop internal employee loyalty to the brand, to work all these groups together. In Asia, no team building program is required and no employee feels invested in this mission.

Security measures that make the lives of American workers increasingly difficult to bear also affect their morale. ‘One of the best things Apple, this is the presentation of new products. But it only takes one person to ruin everything. It is an insult to the work of all other employees …  “

In addition to affecting employee morale, leaks also have adverse effects on the test products before marketing. Few employees have the right to try out the local Apple, and most of the time only a few days before the launch … same goes for what operators and shops, which are copies of test to familiar with the device less than 12 hours before the start … Against the past seven days!

Unless production back one day in the United States, hard to imagine as sensational announcements in the past, therefore, all the more that the world is now connected to the web and it has become very easy to do buzz on the web with one shot …


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