Nissan Skin Materials for Automotive Research and Development Staff

 Nissan Skin Materials for Automotive Research and Development Staff 1

It sounds creepy, but in the future, this is indeed likely to occur. According to foreign media news, Japan’s Nissan engineers are developing a synthetic material similar to the human hand skin tactile perception.    

When you are sitting in the car, the texture of the touch of the hand is the judgment of one of the key factors of automotive luxury level, in general, the soft touch is much better than the hard surface of the touch, leather products, particularly strong . Now, this-class manpower skin material developed by Nissan engineers give the most real soft and luxurious tactile experience.        

Of course, the engineers in the development of this material, including the human finger will consider factors such as flexibility, temperature, smooth and humidity integrated multiple factors to develop the most comfortable synthetic materials. 


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