New Malware could Steal Data via the Headphone Jack

Atul Alex , an expert on Indian security, submitted to the discontent (International Conference on malware) a document rather interesting and disturbing at the same time. In fact, he discovered a new type of malware that is based on the hardware of mobile devices of last generation and causes the release of data.

New Malware could Steal Data via the Headphone Jack   1

Typically, one of the biggest challenges for developers of malware on mobile devices is to hit more piattafome possible. The iPhone, in particular, are quite safe, but this only applies to devices that have not been the procedure of jailbreak. Who does this, it should already be aware of the rare but possible risks faced by.

The search for Alex explains that the lamer, have seen fit to use the earphones modified to spy on and steal data without directly infect the device. Given the now ubiquitous voice commands and assistants present in smartphones, this malware can deliver hackers any request made for example to Siri or Voice-S.

As if that were not enough, the virus is able to record any call made or received by the device, send unauthorized messages and even steal your contacts if it is connected to the headset. Just the fact that screen readers will connect to the internet, seems to have favoured this type of computer virus.What do you think?


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