Lets Visit the Offices of Top 5 Technology Companies

1. Google
Not only is the “giant” world’s largest search, Google is known for office work like a dream.Google is a world-class Internet company based in the United States, was established in 1998. Main products are giants Google search program, is widely considered useful search tools and the most powerful. The name Google is kind of pun from Google, 10100. Google chose this name to represent the mission organize huge amount of information on the net.Googleplex.

Bicycle transportation in the office.

As of 3/31/2009, the company has nearly 20,000 employees working full time, running thousands of servers around the world, processing millions of search requests per minute and about one peta-byte of user data generated per hour. 
Not only is headquarter in the United States, the offices in other parts of the world such as in London, Google will own the space worked like a dream. 
With a free and user-friendly design, workspace in Google always makes the employee a maximum comfort to achieve the best performance for the job. 
Especially, the pressure should work in Google you can easily find one place for the first relaxation release mind.

Massage chair and relax.

And of course, the ability to access information is a top priority here. Do not be surprised if you see the staff here move by bike in the room. Not only that Google also has play space for children when employees “trot” to care for their children.

Where the rest of the staff 

meeting room sound environmentally friendly

2. Yahoo
Besides Google’s super-convenient space, one has to mention the colorful space of Yahoo.Tai Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale (California, USA), you can easily come across shimmering colors and creative style ‘blow-believe’. 
dominant purple tones, space-based Yahoo ensure extremely young and have in common is where the first label on Yahoo. 
Worthy called “his brother “in the Internet world, Yahoo own space quite active and youthful.
Yet as office space, but you can easily find your own place to relax in the moment of hard work.

Everything is attached to the word Yahoo 

Purple is the dominant color.

3. Facebook
Not less competitive brothers, a young Facebook also owns a workspace very young. End of the month 12/2011, the official Facebook leaving troops to Silicon Valley, the paradise of the technology world.

Colorful space.

 Facebook office design Menlo Park trend to maximize productivity and creativity, the glass-paneled meeting room, lobby with blank panels, no small or private room set up … 
In Facebook, you hardly find the wall by the main cause is aimed at improving the interaction of people in order to promote community the ability to work. 
Moreover, the positive space “cool” office Facebook owns their vibrant colors and of course filled with the Facebook logo.

Bicycles are everywhere in the office. 

comfortable place to exchange work. 

worked as hotel room.

4. Microsoft
is one of the “elders” in the technology world in the eyes of many people, Microsoft is still commonly known as a company in the form of “serious”. Therefore, it was considered old-fashioned and not dynamic when compared to companies like Apple, Facebook or Google.

Space filled with color.

However, that does not mean no more tedious work at Microsoft rivals such as Facebook, Google. Go with Microsoft Office, it is easy to see the workspace very attractive. Owning the coffee nice view angle combined with a unique bus slightly Microsoft can help people most at ease in working. 
At Microsoft you can easily find the cafe beautiful view of the campus buildings. And in particular, cycling is transportation to the campus office.

Meeting room glass. 

Bicycles are hung on the wall to move on. 

meeting room colors.

5. Bloomberg
At a reputation as headquarters but Bloomberg also honored in the beautiful office building in the dream. 
Bloomberg headquarters is located in one of the 55-story building at Lexington Avenue. The upper half of the building is home to celebrities such as Beyonce, Johnny Damon, Jack Welch.

Rows of shimmering colors.

With stylish interior use of glass as mainstream, Bloomberg headquarters sparkling as one monolithic glass extremely vivid. In addition to being able to access information everywhere you can also receive information at the big news everywhere in the building.

Nice view cafe. 

stunning curved staircase.


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