Lets Enable a Hidden Panorama Mode in the iOS Camera App

ConradevA hacker has discovered a hidden feature in IOS.This is how the “Panorama” to the Camera app. The result, however, is not very good.

The developer and hacker Conradev has discovered a way ” Panorama ” hidden camera in App for iPhone OS 5 . Modifying the SDK operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch was able to unlock the feature that allows users to capture panoramic photographs taken continuously from left to right.

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It is unclear why this functionality, attractive to many people who dabble in photography, has been hidden by Apple and therefore you can only assume that the Cupertino will release to the public in due course. In fact, according to what the developers have discovered after turning it on, you notice that there is still much to do and it seems that Apple has done well to postpone the debut . Strange, however, that the traces are left in the code and that Apple has rejected such a possibility only because of time.

Lets Enable a Hidden Panorama Mode in the iOS Camera app-2

Based on what has been discovered by Conrad Kramer, com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist opening the file with Text Edit, simply add “Yes” to the line of code “EnableFirebreak” to activate the landscape mode in IOS. Save and quit, you will notice it the “Panorama” from the options of the app Camera. The result obtained, however, did not return a good , indeed, so much so that those who have had a chance to try it he said that Apple has done well not to make available a project so immature. The interface itself is minimalist, but functional feature by going to just press the shutter button and then rotate the device from left to right to take pictures in sequence .

Apple has not yet announced when the feature is available to all users, but on Cydia is already downloaded a software called “FireBreak” going to activate it automatically.

 Source: iDownload Blog

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