Eight Interesting uses of the Tablet in the Kitchen

Eight Interesting uses of the Tablet in the Kitchen 1

The tablets, led by the iPad, are increasingly present in homes . Devices with simple operation with great potential for smart homes will not go unnoticed by the manufacturers of accessories. So today we show three accessories to use your tablets in the kitchen.

The first one is a holder for kitchen furniture . This accessory can be set in any furniture or shelf and allows us to place the tablet into the kitchen without losing immanence space. We watch TV, listen to music, follow recipes or control video surveillance systems while cooking.

The fridge is exclusive support for the iPad and allows us to place it in the refrigerator door. It has an internal magnetic guide adheres firmly to the Apple tablet. Finally is the Chef Stand , designed for use while cooking our best dishes. Includes a comfortable to hold stylus with which to interact without risk to stain the device we are manipulating food.

Useful if you are going to make a recipe and do not want to stain it or just take it into a more comfortable position to check. Among them was one that gave us the option to place the iPad in the fridge door.

Based on this idea we can give a second life, not just the iPad but to any tablet or smartphone that for various reasons we will stop using. Why do I need an iPad in the kitchen? Here we show the eight most interesting uses.

  • Organize the purchase . By using applications like Ever note lets you create a list to write down everything it takes at home. This way when we go to the supermarket from your smartphone can consult the list that is synchronized via internet.
  • Consultations food . For any questions that you may have about any food you can use it to check.
  • Calendar reminders to prevent products expire . We can create calendar events if we know that a product is about to expire. So before we jump days notice and we take the opportunity to make a recipe or eating.
  • Knowing frozen dishes we have in the fridge . Thus, using the list even if we know or not that lunchbox chicken with vegetables, lentils, etc … No need to open and go uncovering each tupper. Of course, remember to remove it when you bring forth what eat.
  • Recipes . Storing more recipes that you like them, you please try, etc …
  • Our weekly diet at hand.
  • The time . Usually the kitchen is a place which had always before leaving home. We may use one of the many existing applications to know the weather will be. So we avoid unnecessarily loading the coat or take the umbrella for possible rain in the afternoon.
  • Leisure . We play some online channel where they watch the news, sports or any number over lunch.Whenever the refrigerator is properly oriented for us to be comfortable, but temporarily remove the tablet from that place.

From here each use one that suits the needs. Remember that from the iPad or Android tablet can control some home automation systems, access what IP cameras are capturing, communicating with others via instant messaging or VoIP Skype, et … Of course, if you have a new use please Comment.


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