Infographics: The Anatomy of “Apple Rumour Kitchen”

Apple-RumoursBetween 2009 and 2010, Apple whole 15% of all tech news notch up. This figure is likely to have increased again until the end of 2011. No other company is more than reported.

But how precisely will the kitchen rumors around iPhone, iPad and Mac? As a rule, perpetually identical. somebody has heard one thing from somebody, who in flip heard from somebody. curiously, hides behind this silence post game a lot of usually than i believed a real story, most likely attributable to an Apple rumor is chewed for therefore long till each last detail checked a minimum of once and has been compared. Besides, not even Apple puts rare scattered behind a rumour.

Infographics- The Anatomy of 'Apple Rumour Kitchen'PCMag takes on the subsequent infographic of the anatomy of the Apple Rumors (and most likely several a blogger speaks from the soul.


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