New iMac – This is the Day..

New iMac - This is the Day..  1

As a reminder to those who would have missed this information, Apple will launch today the release of the iMac, at least with certainty its model 21.5. Revoseek take this opportunity to remind you some important points:

  • Model 21.5 “only has a 2.5” hard drive with a maximum capacity of 1 TB and turning at 5400 revolutions per minuteIt will be like the Mac mini a bottleneck in performance significantly. Apple does not offer a solution to improve performance, provide it with a Fusion Drive which is only available on the top model through approximately (estimated at the time of writing) 200 euros more. In exchange, you will have more than one hard disk SSD barette expand its capacity to 1.1 TB and ensure a much more lively than it is for the system to be hosted on the SSD or on the HDD that will benefit acceleration through the 4GB SSD cache on the barrette.
  • Memory locations will not be available unless a priori by removing the machine. However, the default 8GB enough for the vast majority of people.
  • There will be severe constraints on supply and it will be among the first to operate the machine in line, or queuing at the point of sale to be sure you have the machine before the end of the year.


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