Identified and Arrested the Thieves of the iPad Mini

Identified and Arrested the Thieves of the iPad Mini 1

The beginning was so seemed that of a film, but the end does not seem to be worthy of the reputation of Hollywood: The theft at JFK Airport who had to remind many the plot of the film of Martin Scorsese’s ” Goodfellas “, in fact, seems to be near the end and in a few days the texture of yellow therefore already been unravelled.

Some criminals seized in recent days over 3000 iPad Mini just arrived from China and ready for distribution on the market: The packages were loaded onto a truck using its own means the airport and the flight had to quantify the booty about 1.5 million dollars. In the hours after further investigation they did raise the estimate of the damage to 1.9 million but the authors of the coup (which took place exactly in the same building as recited in Scorsese) the way to freedom was short.

Rene Richardson , the name of the first stop. Some improper questions on incoming cargo have some suspicious makers, leading soon to also identify possible accomplices and proceed by snapping the handcuffs. Richardson has already helped the authorities to understand the dynamics of the theft and recover the van used to transport the crates. Unknown at the time, the destination of the stolen iPad Mini.


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