HzO Technology Makes your Smartphone Waterproof

 HzO Technology Makes Your smartphone waterproofYou may want about 50 days until the start of the biggest technology fair in the world, 2,012 CES , but have already started some events to present these to see you there.

Among them stands HzO technology can be applied to any smartphone to make it waterproof, with a completely different approach than we used to “armor” devices.

So instead of preventing the ingress of water, technology HzO lets it flows through the device without causing any damage! The information is not many, but has been known to create a hydrophobic layer a few nanometers, which protects the insides of the device from the liquid element.

To prove their claims, the company sank a “neat” Samsung Galaxy S II in water and as you will see the following video, it works normally without any limit of its capabilities.


We do not know when it will be widely available technology HzO, but may find application to any device like smartphone, tablet, TV, bags, etc.) while the well-known maker Zagg protection cases has undertaken to use it to its own products.

A big step in creating durable devices without losing the ultrathin design.


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