Google Tweet Release of HTML 5 Based Music App for iGadgets

Google Tweet Release of  HTML 5 Based Music App for iGadgets-1

Google Tweet Release of  HTML 5 Based Music App for iGadgets like iPhone and iPad.

Application of the new website by Google that lets listen to music only, without providing the add and manage your music libraries. Despite all this, the new music of the Google application is being considered as one of the best web applications for iPhone plus iPad and the iPod, such as Gmail and Google Music Web application is very efficient for the music Google requires a native application.

Google could try to push out a native application on Apple’s App Store for Beta Music Service? The Next Web tried to take the views of Google, but declined to give any answer.

For instance, if Google asks Apple out music web application [which directly challenges Apple iTunes iCloud and services of the party] in its App Store, it would be interesting to see if Apple approves it or not.

Google’s new music streaming service, currently running in beta and only available to U.S. users by invitation. If you are a user of Google Music beta, so much so that mobile Safari . com to get an idea of ?The new Web application launched by Google.


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