Google TV: A ‘WOW Combination’ of Internet and TV

Google TV- A WOW Combination of Internet and TVGoogle has already launched Google+ because the social network for the new generation, and has kept up innovating in several areas, Google’s latest upcoming project that’s creating plenty of stories is Google TV.

Now we tend to all have used YouTube and different video streaming services however in contrast to them Google TV is gonna be one thing totally different, really plenty additional totally different. Google TV goes to be a web TV.Based on a brand new entertainment concept, Google TV permits you to surf screen similar to net.Google TV could be a software platform that interacts with a user’s TV and his or her net or cable or Dish association to bring a combined TV and internet experience.

You simply ought to sort in what you would like to look at, and Google TV enables you to seamlessly search all of the content on your TV, the web, and apps – then access it with one click. you’ll be able to conjointly simply switch between TV and also the internet while not having to alter inputs on your television.

Main Features:-

Apart from the feature like looking out  of the content on the TV and also the web with an easy a “Single click” Google TV contains a many of alternative features given below :

Switching Ability Among TV and the Internet

Switching Ability Among TV and the InternetGoogle TV with the assistance of special set-top boxes provides you the flexibility to change between the TV and net on your main TV screen while not want of adjusting your cables.These set-top boxes are out there with Sony net TV and Logitech.

Record and Create playlist of TV Programs

Record and Create playlist of TV ProgramsNow similar to your DTH, ready to save those shows that you wont be able to see currently and might see it later.With Google TV, you’ll access over 40,000 shows and flicks whenever you wish with Netflix ($8.99 a month) or Amazon Instant Video (shows begin at ninety nine cents!). And if you’re a DISH Network subscriber then you’ll relish enhanced tv and DVR options and record a show from the search bar and search all of your recordings promptly.

Stream Pictures on Sites of Pictures Sharing

Google TV permits you to stream photos from Picasa, Flickr, and each alternative photo-sharing website.You can conjointly access any public gallery.

Swap channels using iPhones & smart phone

Swap channels using iPhones & smart phone Google TV permits you to use your Android phone or iPhone management to regulate Google TV in place of a foreign control. One may use Voice search to regulate the device.

Pre-loaded Applications

Pre-loaded ApplicationsGoogle TV comes with plenty of preloaded apps that are bound to improve your TV watching expertise. The apps embrace apps like Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time, Amazon Instant Video and Gallery. The apps like Pandora permit you to make and stream your own Radio station.


Google-TV automatically updates itself .. so,  you will get free new features.

When it Will available?

Yup, Google TV continues to be beneath development and recently delivering MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh tv pageant, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt assured the audience concerning the company’s decide to launch the Google TV within the UK. Though the success of the service continues to be uncertain, the rationale being the competition it’s obtaining from Apple TV, and like of Nintendo’s Wii,  Microsoft’s Xbox three60 and Sony’s Playstation 3. additional over there are reports that the set-top boxes are terribly expensive apx £153.


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