Google has Launched “YouTube Analytics”

Google announced the launch of YouTube Analytics to monitor the statistics gathered by their videos posted on popular portal. So far, in fact, users were forced to rely on services such as Insight .It was Not up for a full and efficient use of the instrument. It was a first step for those who wish to track statistics on its production.  However Starting today can use a more complete and efficient than the current one.

Google has Launched  YouTube Analytics

Thanks to YouTube Analytics. Its name is generic like other  service for Internet sites. Users will be able to access more detailed statistics in order to gain a more in-depth content, better method of use and information about type of public visits generated for videos. It Will be possible to find out what are the videos that are dragging the page views and subscriptions to the channel. It will allowing you to better understand the results of your work and options for growth.

Although reports of YouTube Analytics are generated using the same data used by Insight, however, The difference is the ability to provide the user interface more useful and interactive r and make Reading of the numbers more simple, more direct understandable. It thus becomes a tool more useful.

The operation is thus very similar to Google Analytics . The report provided by the program will provide a summary firstly collected on visits from their immediate channel.Then, on the same page, can be analyzed more in-depth statistics with the help of  interactive maps designed to identify the biggest fans of their geographic location at a glance. Of course there are charts to see the trend of visits in a given period of time, and comparisons with other types of cutting analysis.

Source: YouTube
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