New features of Android 4.2

New features of Android 4.2 1

Android has a new flavour. Called 4.2 to dry and was the third “leg” of the presentation yesterday of Google, where despite the storm, could not hold in their hands the output of  Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 .

Android 4.2 , as you might have guessed, does not imply a significant leap version, which as a rule means no big news but small improvements which I then had to tell.

Finally user support

If the phones did not make sense, with the arrival of the tablets, the management of users and different accounts is more necessary than ever. Google will implement it in version 4.2 and will be available only for tablets.

Each account that we maintain its own customization, configuration and applications without modifying the other, and can change from one to another directly.

New features of Android 4.2 2

Photo Sphere, a twist to the panoramic

Since it seems that a panoramic photo function is something that can be considered a substantial improvement for a camera, Google curls curl offers new functionality and photo call Photo Sphere and panoramic getting more immersive and we can share in Google+ or even Google Maps.

But this does not stop in the background that the function interface Photography has also been redesigned for greater efficiency and not take up space on the screen if necessary.

New features of Android 4.2 3

Gesture Keyboard Typing to improve

The virtual keyboard is critical in a mobile device. Android can boast the best options in the form of applications, but Google wants his own keyboard more valid and therefore that it has improved by incorporating the ability to write moving us about letters without lifting your finger. The system will take care of putting the necessary space.

We have also included the ability to use speech recognition offline.

New features of Android 4.2 4


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