Facebook Ads Teaching Users How to Disable The Facial Recognition

Facebook altered the mood after last month became the face recognition feature by default. Now the social network is trying to remedy this with ads that show users a way to turn the feature off – although it is still enabled by default.

Facebook ads Teaching Users How to Disable The Facial Recognition

The function in question is called Tag suggestions. That’s how it works: Whenever you are given the ability to tag teams your friends in an album, Facebook can use facial recognition technology, and the faces in the photos already identified, the attorneys should be labeled with the name a disciple. The feature is enabled by default, and want to change your privacy settings to choose it.

Facebook ads once instituted the Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen contact the company to express its views on the user’s privacy.

Facebook has created major changes that provide greater service and privacy of its users, not only in Connecticut, but throughout the country,Jepsen said in a statement too.

The ball first ads were published on Facebook early July. The second began on Tuesday. Facebook claims that each user can see the U.S. announcement at least twice.


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