Easy Mobile From Baidu Coming in November , Dell is Manufacturing Hardware

Baidu Easy Mobile Coming in November , Dell is Manufacturing Hardware

Baidu Baidu World Conference and easy phone display (Artesyn Technologies with map)

Baidu launched the mobile terminal software platform, Baidu has caused concern to the industry easily. Artesyn Technologies informed that Baidu is easy mobile phone with Dell’s  will be listed in November.. Dell is responsible for hardware manufacturing. In addition, this may just be a test water. Baidu future vendors will be pushed more easily with the phone.

Xu Yingchun, Executive Director, Baidu has hundreds of applications and services, Baidu and easy platform through the selection of the most critical applications and services platform to easily form the core of all of these applications are with Baidu to string together a unified management of the special issue. Easy platform will be through open API, allows developers to more easily develop and promote the application.

Mobile Internet business model is the crux of a lack of response, Baidu launched a hardware platform • Easy addition to value-added services sales revenue model, and a variety of co-operation with the terminal manufacturers and into the program, in addition, the platform and integrated payment system to provide value-added benefits such as model space.

According to Xu Yingchun introduced, Baidu • Easy depth platform provides a mode of cooperation, co-branding and can take some customization, Baidu will be late in the development of manpower and revenue sharing have more detailed conditions. In addition, Baidu also considered together and chip manufacturers to provide chip-level reference design.

Xu Yingchun that Baidu is not only easy to provide cloud services platform, localization is also very good, easy to want to use Baidu’s mobile phone platform on-line access to authorized users.

In fact, Baidu • Easy phone has been on display, shaped like HTC G5. In addition, Baidu World Conference held at the time, including Samsung, MOTO, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dell, big number of terminals are present.

Baidu CEO Robin Li told Artesyn Technologies interview, admitted that Baidu has been with the agreement, an international mobile phone manufacturers will use their brands Baidu easy to platform services. Baidu insiders have admitted that this partnership is Dell.

It is understood that Baidu may be the collaboration with Dell is just a test water, the next Baidu and more vendors will be easy to push the phone. Artesyn Technologies Baidu wireless connection in-charge Yue Guofeng, said that this business is not owned by the other party responsible for their own, now is not convenient to stand, yet Baidu public relations response.

The idea that this also means following the Ali Baba, millet technology, the domestic Internet companies to enter another field of hardware, Internet and communications integration is accelerating.

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