Anonymous Cluster Attack US Govt Cyber Supplier.

Anonymous Cluster Attack US Govt Cyber Supplier

Hackers Anonymous cluster with loose-knit, said Friday that he had broken into the network of U.S. government contractor Mantech International Corp and published some related online correspondence of NATO.

Anonymous, as AnonymousIRC Twitter, which provides the correspondence between Mantech North Atlantic Treaty Organization as evidence of infringement. Two involve NATO procurement offices, and discusses the deployment of staff from an anonymous “Theater of Operations in NATO” for what appears to be high-tech services.

Mantech, which affirms the U.S. Defense, State and Justice Departments to customers, declined comment. Provides cyber security, among other services.
Hackers related Security and Anonymous Lulz were responsible for cyber attacks on the Central Intelligence Agency U.S. U.S. Senate websites of Sony Corp and the website of British newspaper group Murdoch’s News International, among others.

The authorities made some arrests in connection with the violations, including a teenager arrested at a house in the remote Shetland Islands, off the northeast coast of Scotland.

There have been other arrests in Britain and the United States.

The group has urged supporters to boycott eBay Inc’s PayPal, electronic payment service, or to close existing accounts. PayPal had previously attacked to show their opposition to the refusal of the processing of payments to Wikileaks, the website founded by Julian Assange published copies of secret cables from the U.S. government diplomacy.

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