Android vs. Apple:A War Over Patents.

Android vs. AppleThe Taiwanese company HTC continues to war with Apple over patents. The company again filed a lawsuit against Apple on the basis of patents, which she bought by Google last week.

A complaint filed with the Commission on International Trade in the U.S., and it is reported that the mobile device violates patents, which are associated with technology related to microprocessors and features Wi-Fi.

This is the third complaint filed against HTC Apple. HTC’s chief legal adviser said:

We are taking these actions against the company, Apple, to protect our intellectual property, our partners and, most importantly, our customers, who use the phones HTC

It is no secret that HTC is not the only manufacturer of smart phones at war with Apple. In the same team with him is, and Samsung with its series of smart phones Galaxy. Some even call this war “Android vs. Apple”.

According to analysts, taking into account the latest progress of HTC, the fight becomes much more serious than just a competition between two manufacturers. They also noted that closer cooperation HTC and Samsung will compete fairly powerful Apple.


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