Are you Afraid that Frame so thin in the iPad Mini? Apple has Thought about it

Are you Afraid that Frame so thin in the iPad Mini? Apple has Thought about it 1

It is an issue that bears on the lips of many since the launch of the first iPad: the thickness of the frame.There are users who felt that this framework is very thick and that the iPad might be smaller, but time has shown that this framework is suitable to take the tablet properly without hinder our fingers on the screen. So … what about this side frame so thin the iPad mini?

It turns out that Apple has thought about him in a somewhat special. The company has already said that the size of this new iPad mini is ideal for one-handed catch, but we all know that is not always going to get well. The iPad mini is designed to detect specific finger touches on their side , for when we seize it with both hands and our fingers are too close to the screen. Naturally, ignore those contacts and know differentiate accidental that purposely do:

Rethink the screen has made also have to rethink the software behind it. The iPad mini recognizes if your thumb just rests on the screen or if you are interacting with him intentionally.It’s one of those details that you will notice … not realizing. And it is a great example of how software and hardware work together to Apple can provide the best possible experience.

Details like these are what define the modus operandi of Apple. Perhaps the same could be applied to the 9.7-inch model, but would not make much sense when the normal is to take the tablet with both hands. Yes, you can take a but to see how long we endure before we tired arm.

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