A New ‘Weather Layer’ Added in Google Maps

Google Maps has several layers, however it’s solely gotten perhaps one in every of their most vital layers, as a result of the traffic patterns, time.

This makes total sense. individuals usually uses Google Maps to plot the courses of the leisure and business.

One of the most factors influencing the travel is that the weather, therefore the lack of this layer in Google Maps has very been a plain hole.

The new  weather layer show Existing Temperatures and Conditions on the globe.

To use this layer, users got to hover over the widget within the higher right corner of Google Maps and choose the weather layer of the list, that conjointly includes traffic, photos, labels, and webcams.

Here is the current reading of the native climate, with data from weather.com, that is listed on the left and therefore the Google maps on right:

A New Weather Layer Added in Google Maps

Note the various icons to denote sun, clouds and rain, day and night. The U.S. Naval Research Lab provides cloud cover data. When I click into my hometown on Maps I can see current and max temperatures, humidity and wind conditions.

When you examine the lists of the temperature of our hometown and therefore the surrounding space, we will opt for the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or the wind speed at miles per hour to kilometers per hour.

A New Weather Layer Added in Google Maps.You can see on YouTube video that how it works:-



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