10 Points Multitouch Support in Android 2.3.5 “Gingerbread” For HP TouchPad [Video]

10 Point Multitouch Support in Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread For HP TouchPad [Video]As mentioned at the start, this is often a good achievement for the project. when operating to urge Android also TouchPad and TouchPad create twin boot webOS / Android, the most goal was to urge the touch screen operating.

The news comes, once again, from Android Developer Forum RootzWiki. during a video uploaded by developer fnj001 an HP TouchPad you will be able to see the beginning Android 2.3.5 “Gingerbread”. When booting, you will be able to clearly see the TouchPad takes input from the bit screen, that shows that the touch screen controllers are currently operating for HP’s touchpad Android 2.3.5.


Summary Extracted from  YouTube is:

Android-2.3.5 with working touch screen drivers.
Credit goes to the member of the team ‘Flemmard’.

As will be seen within the video higher than of the integrated bit screen that actually works! and also the funny issue is, multitouch support is there and maximizes screen assets of the touchpad, HP. And technologically greedy folks, not simply 2 points are recognized by the device, but, 10Points multi touch support added! this is often actually a breakthrough for the team TouchDroid.

For the uninitiated, the project was announced TouchDroid a handful of weeks ago, simply 3 days once discontinuation of the touchpad HP [due to sales unhappy and negative feedback] and every team primarily based on webOS others. The project aims to port Android 2.3.x “Gingerbread” condemned to the pill and hopefully provides a new life among the Android fan following. Later, once released, developers can work on obtaining Android 4.0 “ice cream sandwich” to figure on the TouchPad. Progress is solid to date, and dev community continues to surprise us on an everyday basis with changes within the project.

If successful, this could build the TouchPad HP’s cheaper and faster and one tablet Android.



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