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‘Dark shadows’ of Tim Burton, Posters of the Characters

2012 can be a big year for Tim Burton , as he directed two films arrive in theaters worldwide. Earlier this month we saw the first trailer of ‘Frankenweenie’, a short adaptation of Burton’s own marking his return to animation. However, the flagship title of the director of ‘Ed Wood’ is ‘dark shadows‘ film version […]

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Official Trailer

We had already seen a couple ofĀ postersĀ , now 20th Century Fox has released the first trailer of the peculiar production of action and terrorĀ ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’, based on the novel by Seth Grahame -Smith.Ā It is produced byĀ Tim BurtonĀ and is the new film as directorĀ Timur BekmambetovĀ , responsible for the staging of ‘Night Watch’ (2004) and […]

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Top 5 horror movies of 2011

There you have Top 5 horror movies of 2011 based on the average score of our Facebook community. Ā I would strongly recommend Insidious, I Saw The Devil ,Attack the BlockĀ and Stakeland as must see these Ā horror films of 2011. 1: Insidious This film is about a family who looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping […]

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