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The Nvidia Releases the Source Code for CUDA Compiler

The Nvidia announced that it will release the source code for its last compiler for CUDA, which allows programs to use the NVIDIA GPU for general purpose parallel computing.   The new version is based on LLVM, a popular open source compiler structure that is not limited by programming languages, so this version will allow developers […]

Watch YouTube Video with Google Plus Friends through Hangout

Through an update to Google Plus standing, YouTube product manager Brian Glick found that only now has seen YouTube videos in real time with your friends through Google Plus Hangout. It works like this

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Facebook Trying to Ban “Friends Exporter Plugin”

Facebook is actively making an attempt to dam Facebook Friend Exporter, a Google Chrome extension that enables you to export the list and call data of your Facebook friends to be used in alternative services, the extension developer Mohamed Mansour claims. “Facebook is making an attempt thus exhausting to not permit you to export your […]

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