Be Careful – Toothpaste Can be Dangerous for You ?

 why you should not swallow the toothpaste?What is in your toothpaste?Of fluorine? Or does it  with calcium? Or with herbs? You do not know the exact answer to this question. We’ll tell you about the cleaner  which is number one for the teeth. And why at all,  paste tubes  listed by inscription “Do not swallow”?

1: Saccharin
Strange but true that destroys teeth, part of the paste. The developers of the more distant in the 70’s would refuse such an attractive sweet taste, but could not. We still have to brush our teeth with  sweet sweet pastes.

Glycerin is needed only in the order that was to paste the “enternal” do not dry out. After swallowing it, you will not explode, but get the stomach problems .

What is the similarity  in candles and toothpaste ? It seems, nothing!But there  is a similar structure  that allow the paste wax have the viscous and easily squeezed from the tube. But it hit the digestive system can lead to nausea, vomiting and constipation.

4: Menthol

sensation of freshness of breath this is another reason why you should brush your teeth more often. But not many people know that too much menthol in the paste affects the cardio vascular system.

5: Formaldehyde
is a substance That kills all known germs and bacteria, accumulated over time sleeping and eating. But in addition to the antimicrobial action of formaldehyde is toxic. Be it more in the paste  it would have manifested their “hidden” abilities.

Formaldehyde affects  genetics, respiratory system, eyes and skin. The probability that the dental tube gets more material than is necessary, is very small. But if it happens that a precedent , jaundice , liver and kidney damage and even death.


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